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Digital Information and Network Co., Inc. (d.b.a. DIANCO & formerly, JAServices, Inc.) is a closely-held corporation that sells, creates and maintains content and other applications on the Internet. These include the Internet 800 Directory, an internationally recognized vertical content provider, and WebStyler, which creates Web pages and catalogs, virtual domain hosting of Web sites, e-commerce transactions, Internet telephony, advertising and other related services. It has been in business for over 14 years.

The principals and officers of DIANCO have been involved in telecommunications and data line applications for over a decade, marketing to thousands of businesses involving millions of dollars. Their experience and understanding of info-communications and of the Internet led them into the creation of The Internet 800 Directory, which currently involves hundreds of thousands of free business listings and hundreds of full-page web advertisements. Their creation of WebStyler as a web site creator and marketing division was based on years of planning and work in these fields. DIANCO's experience in the broad bandwidth sectors, such as the Internet, helps to complete the total service picture. Our customers' success in this rapidly expanding and complex medium speaks for itself.

WebStyler has proven itself capable of not only producing innovative and technologically advanced Web sites, but of being able to market those products and services that the site has to offer. WebStyler has proven its competence, versatility, and talent through the success of its customers. The personal service is exceptional.

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